What pet owners are saying about Natural Nibbles

I came across one of your flavors of Natural Nibbles, Salmon, and was quite surprised to see that it is RAW friendly.  I have 3 dogs that I RAW feed, prey model (raw meat, bones, organs) and have yet to come across a product that is suitable for their diets.  They have extreme allergies to most ingredients in commercial dog foods including all the treats.  Well, needless to say, hard to train with enthusiasm when no treat is a reward and all three have extreme food drives.   Drying my own liver treats is not only time consuming, but messy and a lot of work for very little net weight. Though it can get expensive, my dogs deserve the best and your product has given me a healthy, RAW compliant alternative

Lancaster, PA

Natural Nibbles are the highest quality treat I have ever seen!  Only two ingredients and made in the USA!  My dogs and my agility student's dogs love them. Just last night, a dog in my agility class was unmotivated and he really perked up when I brought out the Natural Nibbles. I am telling all my friends and students about Natural Nibbles. Oh and my cat loves natural nibbles too!    Such a great product!

Thank you!

Dog Agility Instructor, ACE Dogsports
Trainer, Dogs for Diabetics
Guide Dog Puppy Leader, Guide Dogs for the Blind
Blancett Reynolds, CPDT

I was thrilled to see a natural kibble made from 100% Salmon--WILD SALMON--with omega 3 Fatty Acids. We feed our dog mostly raw food and have never seen a treat that is compatible and non-toxic with this life style choice. We believe that a no-heat method of processing is far superior to feed any animal its' food. The best part is that our dog loves them.  We are also pleased that they don't stain the carpet as we throw the treats for our dog to chase all over the house.  Thank you for this creation.

Caroline and Dale

I just got back an hour ago from our dog park and people are always asking about your salmon treats.  I wish you much success with a product that both my dog and I think is an excellent value!

San Francisco, CA

My cats are addicted to your Salmon Natural Nibbles

Sandi – 
Walnut Creek, CA


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